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Cool or Creepy? Snapchat’s New Feature Toes the Line


Have you ever wondered what your friends are doing and wanted to track their exact GPS location in real time with your smartphone? Probably not, but thanks to Snapchat’s latest update, you can now do just that!

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United Airlines and Their PR Facepalm

United Airlines and Their PR Facepalm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve no doubt seen the uproar caused by an incident where a United Airlines passenger was forcibly removed from a flight just prior to takeoff. The situation led to international backlash, countless jokes and Internet memes at United’s expense.

To make matters even worse, United CEO Oscar Munoz released an initial statement that was criticized by many as tone-deaf and insensitive. It also contained one of the most infamous made-up words of all time, stating his regret when United Airlines had to ‘re-accommodate’ their customer.

As with most high profile PR blunders, the blowback from the United Airlines incident wasn’t so much about the removal of the passenger itself, but the company’s seemingly apathetic response. Munoz eventually changed his tune, however, and apologized for the situation, labeling it as a “mistake of epic proportions.”

Eventually public outcry will die down and the event will be remembered as an embarrassing blemish in the company’s history. However, for the time being, ‘United Airlines’ is just about synonymous with ‘root canal’ or ‘telemarketer.’ Here are a few other well-known PR goofs that might make the folks at United feel a little bit better about their jobs.

Phillip Morris touts the financial benefits of death from smoking

In 2001, tobacco giant Phillip Morris published the results of a study that outlined the positive financial impact of early deaths due to smoking. The study examined the economic benefits from smoking deaths in the Czech Republic – stating that smoking “resulted in a net gain of around $147 million, including saving between 943 million and 1.2 billion korunas (about $24 million-to-$30 million) in health-care, pension and public-housing costs due to the early deaths of smokers.” Not surprisingly, the company was grilled by media outlets around the world and eventually apologized.

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What Exactly is Fake News?

What Exactly is Fake News?

The term ‘fake news’ has been thrown around quite a bit since the 2016 presidential election – so much so that it’s getting more and more difficult for people to distinguish what ‘fake news’ actually is.

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KMK Media, MainFraim Complete Commerative Display for Sjostrom Anniversary

KMK Media Group, MainFraiM and NIBCA recently completed work on a commemorative display to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Sjostrom & Sons, Inc.

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Going Viral: How the Ice Bucket Challenge is Sweeping the Country

The latest social media craze is a perfect example of how a simple idea, given the right circumstances, can spread across the globe like wildfire. Old or young, rich or poor, celebrity or common citizen, nobody is safe from from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The concept of the challenge is simple: post a video of yourself dumping a bucket of ice water on yourself and challenge a group of friends to do the same. Those friends have 24 hours to post a video of themselves getting doused, donate to the ALS Association or both. In the spirit charity, most people choose to do both.

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Share A Coke Campaign: How Scoail Media Should Be Used in Advertising

If you’ve watched TV, used the Internet, visited a convenience store or been doing anything other than living under a rock for the last two weeks, you’ve no doubt seen some changes to the classic Coca-Cola bottles. Coke has switched things up a bit – swapping out three of their iconic logos on their 20 oz. beverages with seemingly random first names.

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