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Website Re-Engagement Best Practices


How can I increase my website conversions or site engagement? Or how can I capture a few more email addresses or leads each month through my website? These are challenges marketers ask themselves on a daily basis. One method we have found effective is re-engaging website users with pop-ups that appear based on pre-defined user patterns. This method is called website re-engagement: Re-engagement pop-ups are everywhere these days and most are annoying at best.

Website re-engagement works when done right. And to do it right, evaluating user experience is crucial. Study your analytics to identify user behavior patterns and then set your set behavior criteria conditions. For example, if a visitor shows interest in a particular service or product, but does not take inquiry or purchase action, you can set a condition to display a pop-up offer. Again, the goal is to increase website conversion, whether to sign up for your newsletter, fill out a contact form or complete a purchase.

An important note to remember is Google penalizes websites that implement re-engagement on mobile devices. So, make sure your re-engagement pop-ups are disabled on tablets and phones.

I suggest giving website re-engagement a try to see if it makes sense for your organization and marketing goals. It has worked for KMK and our clients very well under the right conditions.

Website Re-Engagement Case Study

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Leverage Demographic and Socioeconomic Data to Make Sound Marketing Decisions

Leverage Demographic and Socioeconomic Data to Make Sound Marketing Decisions

Whether, researching the best area to place your marketing dollars or identifying the best location to open a new business, Census Business Builder Small Business Edition is a wonderful resource to quickly gather data on your market. And it is free. Census Business Builder, is a tool that leverages various demographic and socioeconomic data to help marketers make sound business decisions.

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