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Can Small Businesses Benefit from Influencer Marketing?


For months, I’ve been increasingly fascinated by both the capabilities and caveats of influencer marketing. Last week, Kylie Jenner posted a tweet expressing her disappointment with the Snapchat redesign.

One day later, shares of Snap closed down six percent which translated to a market value loss of $1.3 billion. Sources debate whether to credit Kylie with the drop, but either way it’s an intriguing coincidence.

Numerous others are annoyed about the redesign and over 1.2 million people have signed a petition asking Snapchat to remove it. While the change to the app improves exposure for advertisers, users are frustrated and find it more difficult to find the content they actually want to see, stories uploaded by friends.

In direct response to the petition, Snapchat said it would soon be adding tabs to make it easier to locate stories. Zooming out, it has likely been the backlash from multiple levels of influencers that contributed to this resolve in less than a week. Celebrities, bloggers and other micro-influencers had the clout to help the petition go viral.

The most well executed mainstream marketing campaigns are strategic enough to incorporate influencer marketing at the global, national and regional levels. For example, the film industry often rounds out marketing efforts by incorporating private screenings to influencers within their target audience.

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It’s Super Bowl Ad Time!


Okay. I admit it. I don’t really “watch” the Super Bowl. I watch the TV ads. And that’s what I’ll be doing this Sunday evening as I scurry to get dinner together for our family during playtime until my husband calls me back to the TV when the commercials start.

It’s our business at KMK to keep track of national trends in advertising and, from what I’ve gathered, this year’s TV ads are supposed to be tear-jerkers overall. I look forward to the story-telling, to the TV spot that makes you scratch your head and wonder why in the world an agency convinced a company to waste gobs of money on it, and to the commercials that you know are going to be memorable for many months and years to come.

I also marvel at the obscene amount of money national companies spend to have their moment in the spotlight (a very fast 30 seconds of fame) and hope they’re tracking the return on their investment.  

Super Bowl LII is a big game investment for TV advertisers. Here’s the breakdown:

The average cost for a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl LII is just over $5 million.That equates to a price per second of $168,333. Blink and you missed $168,333.Total spending on ads during Sunday’s NBC Super Bowl broadcast will run approximately $419 million.Marketers have spent a total of $5.4 billion on Super Bowl ads over the last 52 years.The average cost of a 30-second TV spot in the 1st Super Bowl in 1967 was $40,000. ($300,000 adjusted for inflation)



When Does PR spell ROI?


Our team and I have worked on public relations for multimillion-dollar corporations down to small start-up companies, and when we work with them they all have one thing in common.

The first question typically asked is, “How do I know if the PR is working?” (Which really means…is it resulting in increased sales?)

Public relations can be measured but not in the same way as other marketing and sales efforts. Unlike a coupon offer or a highly effective salesperson, the results of public relations are a bit more complex to track. That does not mean, however, that they CAN’T be measured.

So, how do you measure the results of public relations? Here are a few key areas to track:  

Number of Impressions. Basically, how many times did your topic get picked up by the media and where? Print, TV, online? Did the coverage include a link to your website or social media page? If so, you can track that inbound traffic, as well. Set up Google Alerts and check the websites of the media outlets that ran the story. Check your own web analytics.  Positive Brand Awareness. How many of your PR mentions in the media are positive? How many are negative? Are your proactive public relations activities resulting in more positive mentions than negative ones? This can truly be captured via an excel spreadsheet or written log.What is the conversation surrounding your media exposure? Is it positive or negative? Look at the social media comments posted to the stories online. Ask your outside sales/community relations people for specific customer feedback. Check your own website contact page and social media conversations.

So how do you start?  

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Let's Talk Strategy: Will You Be Ready for Q1?


Fall is official and fourth quarter is fast approaching on October 1. This can be a chaotic time of year for businesses and organizations as they are challenged with balancing various priorities including year-end campaigns, auditing, employee reviews and more. It can be so overwhelming that strategic planning for the year ahead gets put off or left behind. Developing your marketing strategy in Q4 is a sure way to finish the year strong.

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For the Love of Writing…


I confess.  I love writing.  Really, I do.

We have many clients, however, who don't love it. In fact, they hate it. They hate it so much they would rather fire an employee, get a root canal or assign any of their own writing assignments to their children than have to sit down and draft text for a marketing project.

I guess it's job security for us at KMK. But it does make me wonder, what's so scary about writing that people fear it so greatly?  

Unlike calculating how to successfully land a space ship on Mars or how to effectively teach squirrely, hormonal teenage students the angle bisector theorem, everyone naturally has something to say that can be translated into words on a page (printed or digital).  

In writing copy for marketing, the concept is the tough part. Once you have the idea, someone else is typically available (or for hire) to clean it up and make it sound good. There are quite a few news stories, web content, editorials and other writing out there that was conceived by our clients yet finessed by KMK team members. The best part? Our clients get all the credit!

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5 Simple Branding Tips to Make Strong First Impressions


As the newest member of the KMK team, I find myself in first impression mode as I engage with my new colleagues and introduce myself to the firm’s clients. More than a remarkable resume, intriguing business card or firm handshake, strong first impressions stem from solid branding efforts.

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Dealing with Negative Facebook Feedback and Trolls

Be ready for any grumpy cat

Here's the bad news: Studies show consumers are more likely to give a review after a negative experience than give a review after a positive experience.

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Color Me Crazy


I was aware that I wasn’t fond of the color of my office walls at work, but I didn’t realize just how much the color affected me until I recently switched offices. I went from feeling blah and at odds with my palest of gray/green walls to feeling a sense of ease and invigoration within the bright and warm beige refuge of my new office. Call me crazy, but I believe the paint color of my old office actually frustrated me with its lack of commitment–is it gray or is it green?

Crazy or not, color psychology exists and is a study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Color psychology has been used by companies for years to improve the moods and reactions of their customers and workers. Looking to reduce stress and fatigue in your work environment? Blue and green hues have been known to create calming environments that are easy on the eyes. Want to stimulate creativity or energize your employees? Yellow and orange hues when chosen correctly can increase productivity. A red hue when used as an accent within an office space can evoke passion and emotion from your employees.

While color psychology and it’s use in the workplace is fascinating, color psychology in marketing and branding is a whole other ball game. Color psychology in marketing and branding is both widely used and widely debated. The reason for this is the margin for error – it is difficult to predict with 100% accuracy any given individual’s response to a color. The application of color psychology to marketing and branding requires an understanding of color theory combined with a good amount of research and a healthy dose of gut instinct. Even with those three things applied, your desired effect for your brand or your product is still at the mercy of consumers' personal preferences.

If you want to learn more about the use of color in marketing and branding, the article “The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding” on is a pretty good starting point. Be prepared though, the more you increase your knowledge of the use of color as it applies to the consumer, the more you may drive yourself crazy analyzing your purchasing decisions.


Cool or Creepy? Snapchat’s New Feature Toes the Line


Have you ever wondered what your friends are doing and wanted to track their exact GPS location in real time with your smartphone? Probably not, but thanks to Snapchat’s latest update, you can now do just that!

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Branding Master

Rockford is home to a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Usonian house, the Laurent House.

A man of many hats, Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect, interior designer, writer, educator and visionary. Yet, until I read "Frank Lloyd Wright Was A Great Architect–But He Was Even Better At Branding," I had not put much thought into how the renowned architect really had a knack for branding.

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