Last night, Rihanna took to the stage for an instantly iconic performance/baby announcement and advertisers flocked to the occasion to capture millions of eyeballs with their most creative and star-studded spots. Also, there was some football. It was truly an unforgettable night any way you look at it, but since this is a marketing blog and not a R
First video came for the radio stars and now its coming for your marketing plan. Just kidding! It’s already here. The rise of social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok continues to alter the marketing landscape – even if you don’t choose to promote your brand on these Gen Z-skewed platforms. The proliferation of videos from these newcomers ha
A few months ago, I was asked to judge a design competition for local high school students studying graphic design. I saw this as a great opportunity to see the talents of young future designers and offer professional guidance. Twenty-nine eager students from several area high schools were given a choice from five actual “business clients” seeking
My wife, a high school educator, was picking out her outfit for the next day’s work. She brought me the outfit she was putting together and asked me, “Does this match?” Instead of the traditional husband answer of “yes” (always the safest one), my answer was a typical answer of a graphic designer. I provided a detailed explanation that utilized my
As that great ad man Don Draper once said, “if you don’t like what's being said, change the conversation.” Tweaked for public relations, “if you don’t have anything newsworthy – make it.” Now, we’re not suggesting you pull a Peggy Olson and pay people to fight over your product in store to generate publicity, but public relations is often less abou
How far do you travel when you search online? The third page? The second? Or do you only look at the top five results? Imagine if your website was on the 30 th or even the 15 th page of Google or Bing. It would rarely, if ever, see traffic. This is where SEO comes in. Sprinkle keywords strategically throughout your site (and create landing pages on
Doesn’t it pique your curiosity? Where is it going to take you? We know them as QR codes or Quick Response Codes, those funny patterned squares used to lead the viewer to a website, social media page or even a menu at a restaurant. It’s free, convenient, and easy, mostly because the majority of the world’s population has the ability to use them wit
Social media is a great way to advertise your business and with 1.86 billion active users a month on Facebook alone, it’s no longer optional, but essential. However, if you’ve fallen into the rut of simply pushing out posts about your products or services, you’re doing social media wrong. The beauty of social media is that it allows you to interact
The digital world is the new norm and how it evolves affects everyone in various ways, especially businesses. Over the past year, Hootsuite and We Are Social compiled an overview called the “Digital 2022 Global Overview Report,” detailing all things digital including social media, search engines, e-commerce, online ads, and more. This “ must-know d
Twenty years ago, it wasn’t unheard of for a business to exist (and even succeed) without an online presence. The ubiquitous nature of the internet has made that very untrue today and in 2022, having an outdated website is almost as bad as having no website at all. If you grudgingly created a website in 2002 and haven’t updated the style since this
  There’s no doubt that social media is where the majority of students spend their free time. So why not put their passion for the digital world to use? Fortunately, a platform called Class Intercom has created a way for students to create compelling content and safely share it to help promote their school on social media. This platform’s goal is to provide schools with solutions to engage students in social media creation, create a curriculum, and open communication. 
The office doorbell rang, and I answered the door. It was a young college student (aren’t they all young?) applying for a summer website internship position. He introduced himself in a calm matter and I offered him a seat while I informed my boss of his arrival. I admired him for his calmness and for the many meetings he will have in the future. Be
The great philosopher Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Great words to live by and used as a goal to reach by many. Do you enjoy what you do every day? Is what you do for a living a career or a job? What’s the difference? Here’s the dictionary’s definition: Job: a piece of work, e
Podcasting ­­­­— what was once a niche market has exploded into popular culture in a huge way. In 2022 you likely know at least one person who hosts a podcast. If not, hello! My name is Devin and I host a podcast. And now my point is made. The same reasons everyone from your neighbor to your mechanic can host a podcast apply to busi
Sometimes a client requests a printed marketing piece in a “less than average” time frame. Sometimes we can do it and sometimes we can’t. What factors help us make that determination? Due date: When do you need it in your hands? That triggers a process used by most creative firms to allow each individual on the “production tree” ample time to produ

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