So, your boss asks you if you should spend your time writing a press release about a newly patented product or develop an ad campaign targeting your core audience. Your answer? “It depends.” (Then duck to avoid the nasty look he throws your way.) ADS We have clients come to us all the time wanting to run an advertisement. An ad is great for a new p
As a designer, part of my job is to keep up on the latest trends in design. The industry is always evolving, and trends come and go, but that doesn’t’ mean you need to compromise your existing branding to start from scratch. Recently, some of the largest brands recognizable to the common eye have taken a new approach, starting with their logos. Bra
I’m dreading the end of the “Big Bang Theory,” set to wrap up its 12th and final season this spring. Those quirky, beloved characters have grown on me and my husband, and we’ve expanded our love of the sitcom to now watching “Young Sheldon,” too, featuring an earlier version of one of the title characters. An article I read last week stated the fin
Some of us are looking forward to the football. Some of us are looking forward to the food. I am looking forward to the TV commercials as I really don’t care who wins this particular game, and I am responsible for the game-time food in my house so there are no surprises there. The commercials, however, are a different story. Stress the word “story.
Want to know who spent the most on advertising in 2018? Easy. Pull on your Nike’s, hop in your Volkswagen to pick up McDonald’s and a case of Coca-Cola, then head home to watch ESPN on your new Samsung 60” TV. Get the picture? All of those brands (plus 19 more) make up the 25 biggest advertisers in 2018 worldwide. They cover technology, personal ca
What’s the secret to successfully staying in business for 20 years? I know it wasn’t the relationship I had with my business partner at the time. In reality, we were almost strangers, having worked together on a single project through our respective employers at the time. We knew each other for a matter of months when we decided to go into business
Did you know the founder of SpongeBob SquarePants passed away? I saw the tidbit on a CNN newsfeed that popped up on my phone last week. My husband wasn’t aware of it until he read the newspaper the next day. My 10-year-old saw it on CNN Student News at school. My 13-year-old saw it on her Instagram feed. And my 16-year-old, who never liked SpongeBo
KMK turned 20 this month. Doesn’t seem like that long ago when I say it out loud but when I look around, things sure look different. Back then, when we produced TV commercials for clients, I’d get in the car and run out to the TV stations to drop off a video tape copy to each one. It got me out of the office and feeling productive, mentally hitting
In case you haven’t heard, 2019 marks the end of letting your fingers do the walking. In case your nose has been too far buried in your phone book to have heard the news, the Yellow Pages telephone directory will no longer be printed after 2019. Final issues are prepping for press right now and aggressive yellow page phone book sales folks are maki
As KMK Media Group approaches 20 years in business, there are some things that have made it stand the test of time. It’s a combined skill set among our team that centers around some core “rules of thumb” when developing work for our clients. Whether it’s an ad campaign, new website, press release or social media calendar, clients pay KMK to produce
Each morning as I head to work, I say “see you later, pup” to my 15-pound dachshund, Olliver. He doesn’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. What he does know is that nine hours later, I return home smelling like another dog. Cue Riley, a golden retriever and KMK Media Group’s very own office dog. You can usually find Riley taking a nap outside
Years ago, when video went from analog to digital, a whole new world opened up for video producers. Rooms of expensive video equipment went by the wayside, replaced in part by a single personal computer that was easy to use and maintain. The technology shift was a dream come true for small start-up companies with little funding for capital expendit
Top Tips to Get the Most Out of It! When you outsource a portion (or all) of your marketing efforts, you’re probably looking to accomplish one of these goals: Save money on salaries and benefits by not hiring in-house Gain additional skills not available in-house Get an outside, professional perspective and experienced approach Over the past 20 yea
I think we just celebrated a record at KMK. ...a record for the longest stretch between the first website we designed and developed for an organization and its 2.0 version which we were just hired to program last week, nearly 15 years later. The organization is a long-standing non-profit we’ve supported and enjoyed working with, and we are thrilled
I complimented our always put-together graphic designer last week when she strolled into the KMK office wearing a blouse in a lovely shade of purple . She said she recently bought a flat iron and a hair dryer in the same color, not because she’s infatuated with the shade but because it’s everywhere this year. Why? …a vivid shade of purple is Panton

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