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Share A Coke Campaign: How Scoail Media Should Be Used in Advertising

If you’ve watched TV, used the Internet, visited a convenience store or been doing anything other than living under a rock for the last two weeks, you’ve no doubt seen some changes to the classic Coca-Cola bottles. Coke has switched things up a bit – swapping out three of their iconic logos on their 20 oz. beverages with seemingly random first names.

coke-design-canIt’s all part of Coke’s newest summer campaign, “Share A Coke.” The concept of the campaign is simple, yet brilliant at the same time. Coke has printed the 250 most popular names of American teens and young adults on their bottles and encourages us to “Share A Coke” with our friends. On the surface, it seems like a neat idea, but not anything too far beyond Coke’s typical summer push.

But it’s not until you dig deeper into the campaign that the true genius behind Coke’s advertisers is revealed. Social media interaction plays an integral part in Coke’s summer campaign and should be looked as a shining example of how it should be used in advertising.

A website developed for the summer campaign,, allows users to personalize virtual bottles and share them with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tumblr. By using the #ShareACoke hashtag, consumers are able to share their stores and photos online, plus have a chance to be featured on interactive Coke billboards throughout the country.

And if you search for the #ShareACoke hashtag on Twitter, you’ll see users are already having a blast with it.

coke and twitterAs if that isn’t enough interactivity for one ad campaign, Coke is now also offering a free mobile app that allows users to scan a QR code on select fountain dispensers’ touch screens to send a friend a coupon for a 20 oz. Coke.

It’s fitting that Coke’s campaign utilizes social media so well, because the campaign itself captures everything that social media was meant for – sharing a fun moment friends and interacting with loved ones. Kudos to Coke for thinking outside the box on this one and giving advertisers something to aspire towards.

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Saturday, 23 October 2021

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