KMK was at the forefront of social media marketing many years ago, incorporating the tactic into our clients' marketing plans long before it was understood by many. We continue to stay on top of the trends, creating and maintaining our clients' social media presence as an integrated part of their marketing approach.

KMK identifies the best target audience and social outlets to use, develops a comprehensive social media strategy with defined goals, creates engaging content and cross-marketing tactics, and shares performance metrics, making us a one-stop social shop to boost your presence and your results on social media.

Boylan Catholic High School

KMK effectively uses digital tactics to help Boylan reach prospective families through targeted social media ads.

Pierce Distribution

KMK implements a tailored social media plan to increase Pierce’s product and service awareness on social media, resulting in sales and employment inquiries.

Rockford Urological

Rockford Urological hired KMK to ensure their business and its services are accurately represented online through various digital channels.

Rochelle Community Hospital

KMK promotes RCH’s hospital and specialized medical services to the local community through an engaging posting calendar, social ads, videos and analyzing what works best.

Klaas Financial

Klaas Financial hired KMK Media Group to give its social media presence a consistent, proactive message, taking over for its in-house team who no longer had the time to effectively handle it.

Wesley Willows

KMK does more than just manage a company’s social media, we can also help company leaders with their LinkedIn profiles as we do for Wesley Willows.

Architectural Building Solutions

Architectural Building Solutions enhances its online presence with KMK's social media management expertise, creating resonant content aligned with their brand voice.