Media buying is complex. How much money do you need? How much should be spent on which media? How often? Is digital or traditional best to reach your target audience?

Let us handle all those time-consuming media buys, evaluating your target audience and goals, negotiating competitive ad rates, adding bonus schedules, auditing the invoices and coordinating the ads, saving you time and money in the process.

Boylan Catholic High School

KMK’s comprehensive plan resulted in increased attendance at the school’s enrollment open house, more students taking placement tests and, ultimately, the highest freshman class in a decade.

River Bluff Health & Rehabilitation

KMK constructed a media plan for this skilled nursing and rehab facility, expertly placing its budget to ensure the best value for the dollar in raising interest in employment at the facility.


Pearson is trusted by homeowners for heating, cooling, plumbing and pest control across Northern Illinois with high awareness and recall among its core target audience. KMK has handled its media buys for more than ten years.


RAMP hired KMK to create a campaign raising awareness of their mental health services. Once all the various pieces of the campaign were created, we bought media space on TV, RMTD busses and multiple billboards around the Rockford area.