KMK creates beautiful, functional websites that meet your objectives using the latest platforms, design trends and security protocols. Paired with our expertise in marketing and graphic design, the responsive, client-managed sites we develop become powerful tools for our clients and their customers.

Boylan Catholic High School

KMK effectively took Boylan’s vision and brand and developed it into an easy-to-use, visually engaging website that effectively organized the site’s more than 200 pages of content, targeting students, donors and alumni.

Fehr Graham

KMK created a beautifully simplistic-looking website that is complex in backend performance to accomplish Fehr Graham’s marketing goals.

Modern Plating

KMK created a new website built for optimal sales functionality, providing a way for clients to search for products and services by application, leading web visitors to discover the solution that fits their needs.

Pierce Distribution

KMK delivered on this 3PL supply chain company website, showcasing its services to clients across the U.S.

Regional Office of Education

KMK developed a colorful, community-focused website, providing resources for educators and families across 13 counties including a robust reservation system for promoting and attending professional workshops.


KMK Media Group helped the multi-state plasterers’ and cement masons’ union boost its online profile, launching a new website promoting apprenticeship opportunities.

Rockford Urological

Rockford Urological hired KMK to develop a website highlighting its premier medical care and top choice status for urological care in Northern Illinois.

Stenstrom Companies

KMK builds upon its construction industry knowledge, developing websites for companies involved in construction, concrete, piping, HVAC, and aggregate for the last two decades.

Winnebago County

Over the years, Winnebago County repeatedly hired KMK to develop its website, updating the technology, design, mobility and accessibility and making it increasingly simple for the County to update.

Tom McNamara

KMK kicked off a long and rewarding partnership with Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara by creating a website for his first mayoral campaign.

Architectural Building Solutions

KMK developed and launched a new website for Architectural building Solutions. The website blends form and function, delivering an efficient and attractive way to connect users with commercial roofing and building solutions.

Alpha Controls

Alpha Controls needed a technology-driven website to communicate exactly that and KMK delivered.


KMK brought cyber security to life with an enhanced user interface and enriched content.

North Suburban Library

KMK created a colorful, accessible site to show off the library’s many services.


KMK created a sleek interface and intuitive navigation for Protanic.

River Bluff

KMK's redesign of River Bluff Health and Rehabilitation's website introduces a revitalized digital hub for healthcare excellence.

Winnebago County Medical Society

KMK revamped the Winnebago County Medical Society’s website to be more modern and user-friendly.

Carrie Lynn Children's Center

KMK created a bright, welcoming website with interactive elements and nature-inspired graphics.