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Google is Changing its Analytics July 1st, What You Need to Know.


Google Analytics is the gold standard when it comes to learning about user behavior and measuring marketing success but hold on tight because how that data is collected and presented is about to drastically change. On July 1, Google will transition from Universal Analytics to GA4, also known as Google Analytics 4.

If your website is still rocking the older version of Google Analytics or was created before 2021, pay attention! Why? Well, starting from July 1st, Google is swooping in and automatically converting properties to the newer GA4 version. Here’s the catch: during this conversion process, any data collected before the switch will be lost. Poof! Gone! However, if you have already made the switch, you’re in luck. You’ll have access to all the data accumulated since the transition. If you haven’t switched your properties over just yet, google does recommend that you do it manually before the big change over- it will be a smoother transition. It may also be the time to take a snapshot of any previous data collected on the old property.

Why the big switcharoo, you ask? It all boils down to privacy. Our lives are becoming more digital by the day and privacy concerns are on the rise. That’s where GA4 comes in. It takes a more granular, event-focused approach to data collection, instead of just relying on basic metrics about user behavior. And guess what? It even integrates app and mobile traffic into a unified analytics platform. ‘Cause let’s face it; we’re all glued to our phones these days! This change isn’t just about privacy, though. It’s part of the broader industry shift away from those pesky third-party cookies towards more secure and privacy-friendly tracking methods.

The switch may cause a disruption, but it also comes with some great benefits! We're talking about enhanced insights and making smarter decisions about your user base and behavior. Plus, it comes with stronger safeguards for personal privacy. So buckle up, get ready for the ride, and let's make the most of this analytics evolution!

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